Use the following websites to find information to the questions below. You are to develop a powerpoint presentation containing the information. Don't forget about the extra websites at the bottom of the page. These websites cover several of the questions.

Who were the pioneers?
Why did they travel to the west?

The Route West
The Oregon Trail
Why Travel the Oregon Trail

Getting Started:
What were the "jumping off" places?
What were some of the trails?
What did they take with them?
How did they travel?

Jumping Off
The Oregon Trail
Journey of the Forty-Niners
Packing Your Wagon

Wagons Ho!
What were their wagons like?
What was a Wagon Train?
What was life like on the trail?

The Emigrant and Conestoga Wagon
Blueprint of a Wagon

What were some of the illnesses they had?
What were some of the natural obstacles in their way?
What were some of the transportation problems they had?
What problems did they have with the Native Americans?

Native Americans

Historic Places
Pick three places along the trail to tell about here.

Historic Sites
Important Forts and Landmarks

Famous Pioneers
Pick three famous pioneers and give a short biography of why they were important.

Discoverers and Explorers
People of the West

My Opinion
What do you think was the hardest part of the journey for the pioneers? Explain why you think so.

If you have any trouble finding resources to use, just let your teacher know. There are a lot of sites out there to use.

Extra Resources:

End of the Oregon Trail
The Overland Trail
Fantastic Facts
Frontier Girl