Now that you have learned a little bit about water and weather, it is time to dig a little deeper and learn more. The question you will be answering is:
What is weather and how is it forecasted?

You and your partner will be developing a presentation that describes the following things:
1) What conditions in the atmosphere create our weather?
2) What tools do we use to measure these conditions?
3) Who are meteorologists and how do they predict the weather?

There are a lot of websites to use about the weather. The best ones are below.

Great site about weather conditions
Great site for conditions and weather forecasting
Great site for weather conditions
Great site for everything
Great site on clouds and forecasting
Okay site on everything
Great site on forecasting
Great site on forecasting
Good site on forecasting
Simple site on conditions and weather symbols
Hard site about forecasting
Great site on measurement tools and conditions
Great site--make sure you click on all the links on the side
Good site about air pressure
How to make your own weather instruments
Good site on high and low pressure systems
Site that explains wind chill and figures out the wind chill
Excellent site to practice your forecasting ability

Now that your presentation is complete, you and your partner are to prepare a pretend weather forecast just like the meteorologists do on television. Your weather report will be video taped. You are expected to dress appropriately and use good communication skills. You are also expected to equally share the work on this report.

Your report should include the current weather conditions, a map depicting the current conditions and pressure systems, a map depicting how the conditions and systems will change, and a forecast of conditions over the next five days. You can choose the date of your forecast as well as the location you are pretending to forecast from.

You may use many different formats to present your weather report. The easiest will probably be Smart Notebook tools. You may also use Microsoft Word, Excel, paint, or Power Point. You may also use a combination of these. The above websites will help you determine some realistic forecasts.

Good luck and have fun!