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What are the food groups and how much should we eat?
You and your partner are going to make a powerpoint to explain each food group, why we need to eat food from that food group, how much of each food group we need to eat, and examples of food from this group.

Print out the following worksheet (unless you teacher has already given you one) to record your information.
Food group worksheet

Use the following webpages to find the information you need:
My Pyramid

Nutrition Explorations

Here are a few other sites that may prove helpful if you have extra time.
Milk Matters

Fruit and Vegetable Encyclopedia
Fruit & Veggies More Matters

When you think you have enough information, have your teacher check your worksheet. When you are given permission, you may start your presentation. Your teacher will show you how to make a PowerPoint. Remember to always put all your information on your presentation first, then pictures, and finally animation if you have time.

Below is a link to the scoring guide for this presentation. Don't forget to check your presentation so you can fix mistakes!

Scoring Guide

If you and your partner finish early, ask your teacher if you can play nutrition games. Below are links to several games that will help you learn about nutrition.
Nutrition Explorations Games
Nutrition Cafe
My Pyramid Games
Dole 5 A Day Games
Food Champs