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You have been given a Famous Missourian to research and portray at our Famous Missourian Wax Museum. This web page will guide you in your completion of this project. You will be making a slide presentation, fact card, and poster on your person, as well as writing and memorizing a paragraph about your person.
Scoring Guide

Step 1: Use note cards with the following titles: Basic Information (includes birth date, date of death, where born, full name, etc.) Early Years , Education, Adult Life, Accomplishments/Awards, Events for Timeline, Other Information, and Resources,

Step 2: Use the resources at the bottom of this page to help you find information about your person. As you read each article, write down information on the appropriate card. If you use information from a website, write this website down on your resources card. Remember to try to put the information in your own words when possible. When you find a graphic you would like to use in your brochure, download it so you can use it later.

Step 3: When you have completed your research, organize your cards and let your teacher check to see if you have enough information. If you do, you may begin step 4; if not, your teacher will help you locate the information you need.

Step 4: You now need to write a paragraph about your Famous Missourian that you will be memorizing. Pretend you are your Famous Missourian. Start out with an introductory sentence explaining who you are and why you are famous. Then include a summary of the important information from your note cards. Try to end with a sentence that will make your listeners remember you.

Step 5: Have your teacher check your paragraph. When she is content with your paragraph you will need it printed so you can memorize it. Every day you need to say your paragraph at least 3 times, even after you have memorized it.

Step 6: You should have already discussed this with your parent(s), but you need to come up with a costume or clothing that helps you portray your Famous Missourian. See your teacher if you need help with this.

Step 7: Use Google slides to make a presentation. Your teacher will share a template with you. Make a copy before you put your information on it. You will put the information from your note cards on the presentation. Check the scoring guide to make sure you know what is expected of you. Your writing should be organized, interesting, and easy to read. If you could not find pictures of your person, ask your teacher for help.

Step 8: When you are sure you have included all the information, enough pictures, revised and edited your presentation, then share it with your teacher.

Step 9: You will use Google Docs to make a fact card. Put your Famous Missourian's name at the top of the page, followed by a picture, then type and number the facts. Share this with your teacher when you are finished. Remember to start each fact with a capital letter, check your spelling, and make sure it is a complete sentence.

Step 10: Design your poster on a piece of white paper. Have your teacher check your design and then she will give the poster board to you. You need to have an appropriate border around the outside, your person's name, birth date, why they are famous, and several pictures. Your teacher will print out pictures for you. Your teacher will have the name already prepared for you to put on your poster. Your poster should be colorful, clean-looking, and neat. Don't use any crayons or markers until you have written everything in pencil.

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