Now that you have learned a little about ecosystems in your science textbook, it is now your job to teach the class about one of these ecosystems. Your teacher will assign you an ecosystem on which you are to report. Your report should include the following items:

>Description of the climate including temperature and precipitation.
>Several types of plants that live there and what special adaptations they have to help them survive.
>Several animals that live there with a description of their behavioral and physical adaptations.
>An example of a possible food web that could take place in that ecosystem.
>Places where this ecosystem is found and what the geography is like.
>Explain how people have affected this ecosystem, both postively and negatively(good and bad ways).
>Other important facts about this ecosystem.

Use the following websites to help you with your research. You may also use Encarta and books to help you. Please include several photos or clip art with your presentation. You may use Inspiration, Word, Power Point, or any of them to make your presentation. Also remember to share the work equally with your partner. You will be expected to share in the presentation, also.

Scoring Guide

World Biome Map
Enchanted Learning
Make It A Habitat
North America Biomes