How much do you know about birds? You are going to find out a lot more! By using the websites on this page, you will be finding out why birds are very special animals. You will also be researching many different birds to make an ABC book about birds.

Your first assignment will be a presentation explaining how birds are different from other animals, where they live, and how they survive in their environment. Remember to check out the scoring guide to know what is expected of you and your partner.

Scoring Guide
Enchanted Learning
Earth Life

What makes a Bird a Bird?
Types of Feathers
Home Tweet Home
Bird Families
Bird Orders
Bio Kids
Natural Tools
Bird Feet
House Plans
How Do Birds Make Nests?
Bird Banter

Vocal Communication in Birds
How Birds Fly
Flight Video
Moving Day
Bird Migration
What Do Birds Eat?
Conservation and Birding Ethics
Whyzz Kids
Birds of Prey

Your second assignment will be to make an ABC Bird Book. You will be using Microsoft Publisher to make this book. There are several websites located below to use, but your teacher will find more for you if you need them. Here are several sites that list many birds you could use. If you feel you need more sites, let your teacher know. She will find more for you. Again, check out the scoring guide to know how you will be graded.

Scoring Guide
Birds by Region
Birds of America
National Zoo
Canadian Birds
All About Birds, Cornell
Bird Nature
Birds of North America
Bird Guide
Animal Diversity
Natural History Notebook
Kenya Birds
Illinois Birds
Mr. Nussbaum Birds

Games, Photos, and Sounds
You may use the sites below during free times or to enhance your presentations.

Birds for Kids
Word Search

Eagle Puzzle
Duck Shooting Gallery
Penguin Puzzle
Flamingo Puzzle
Bird Photos
Bird Songs
More Bird Songs
Bird Stories